Official Rules & Guidelines

5:00 am

  • Group activity : tidiness of the area surrounding the temple.
6:00 am
  • Monks and juniors have to go out to gather food offers. Be noticed that if we do not receive food offerings, we are not allowed to eat. Exception is made for sick people or authorized ones by the superior.
8:30 am
  • Praying activity in the temple.
  • Temple inhabitants may not take food in their accommodation.
  • Once the "Baad" pot is cleaned after using it, take it with you in your accommodation. Please do not let the Baad -pot around or in the room behind the Buddha statue.
3:00 pm
  • Monks and juniors are asked to respect commitments taken or assign.
5:00 pm
  • It's possible to drink "Pana" water in the designated place, It's forbidden to take beverages in the accommodation. Exception is made for sick people or authorized ones by the superior.
  • Replace any object belonging to the temple at his original place, after you used it. You may not own it.
  • If you have business outside the temple which causes you to miss ceremonies or meals or to leave, notify one of the temple officials before you leave.
  • Monks and juniors may not possess a mobile phone.
  • Monks and juniors may not ask for money or superfluous objects. If there is any necessity please consult the superior.
  • You may not smoke or read newspapers.
  • After the third warning for disobedience or non-respect of the rules, monk or junior can be asked to leave the temple.
  • All monk that practice religion in this temple are required to respect all the rules above written.