The mission is for anybody from a wide range of nationalities who wishes to study The Southern School of Buddhism (Theravada Buddhism) has a chance to study and practice of Dhamma. Do not worry about residence, language, culture, economic and other problems. All accommodations, food (vegetarian), medicine, and so on will be provided by Wat Pah Pateeparam on the compounds free of charge.       

Lay visitors may choose to observe the five precepts or the eight precepts which is the basic guideline of training. Those who are interested in staying for a longer period of time or considering ordination as a bhikkhu (Buddhist monk) or Mae Chee, Wat Pah Pateeparam will arrange the layperson to receive the training courses before full ordination at the head monastery (Wat Phrae Dhammaram) is performed. Further more, visa application for the foreigners who intend to have longer stay for practicing Dhamma in Thailand will be serviced as well.

The main purpose of Wat Pah Pateeparam is to train and preserve the Dhamma-Vinaya of Theravada Buddhism, the teachings and code of monastic discipline laid down by Buddha .There is no formal meditation instruction is offered. We aim to include all aspects of daily life in our practice, such as Buddhist monks use everyday routine tasks and situation as opportunity for meditation practice and Dhamma study. If lay visitors have any questions concerning the meditation practice, they will get the answers through discussion with the abbot or senior monks when they are available. Although lay guests are expected to follow the daily monastic routine and join in group activities, they generally still have many hours of the day free for study and individual meditation practice.