History of Wat Pah Pateeparam

Wat Pah Pateeparam is a Buddhist forest monastery located in Uttaradit province in the North part of Thailand. The meaning of “Pateeparam“ is luminous monastic residence. In 1983, the local lay supporters donated this monastery to be the first branch monastery of Venerable Ajahn Ganhah Sukhakamo of Wat Phrae Dhammaram.

The current abbot is Taiwanese monk , Phra Ajahn Teehong who has been in charge since 1999 and spent 17 vassas (Rain Retreats) to study and practice in the contemporary Thai forest Tradition at this monastery until present . He was born in 1967 in Nan Tou country, the middle part of Taiwan. When he was lay people, his original Chinese name was Pan Kun Yi. At the age of 25, he decided to become a monk of The Northern Buddhism (Mahayana) under new name as Teehong in Taiwan.  Besides this, he also invited parents and brothers to ordain at the same time.

After entering the monkhood in his hometown for five years, he had a chance to read Venerable Ajahn Chah’s books and made a visit to Ajahn Chah’s western disciples while they were traveling in Taiwan. As a result of deeper understanding of the teaching style of the ancient Thai Forest Tradition of Theravada Buddhism, he made a decision to come to Thailand for studying and practicing Dhamma of The Southern Buddishism (Theravada) under the guidance of Venerable Ajahn Ganhah at Wat Phrae Dhammaram. In 1996 , he received re-ordination as a bhikkhu and was given by his preceptor the Pali name as “ Teehong  Kurudhammo”  which means teacher of Dhamma.