About Ajahn Ganhah

Brief Biography of Luang Por Ganhah Sukhakamo

Venerable Luang Por Ganhah Sukhakamo is the supreme teacher of Phra Ajahn Teehong and is often addressed by his disciples and lay supporters as Luang Por Yai (meaning supreme leader monk in Thai). He was ordained as a bhikkhu in a monastery of Dhammayuth sect in his hometown and has spent forty-one Rain Retreats in practicing The Dhamma and Vinaya. At present, he is in charge of all his head monastery’s ordinations as a preceptor of Wat Phrae Dhammaram located in Phrae province which is distant from Wat Pah Pateeparam in about one hour by car.  

He was born into Sriwongsa family on March 5th,1950 in Warin Chamrub district which located in Ubon Rachatani province in the northeastern part of Thailand. He is the forth of eight children from a farming family. He entered school and finished primary four according to the standard level at that time. Venerable Luang Por Ganhah entered the monkhood when he was 20 years old, he was ordained on July 4th, 1970 at Wat Supadwanaram , Muang district , Ubon Rachatani province.  Phra Ratchadhamasuthee was his Preceptor and Pra Kru Silakunaporn was his ordination-proclaiming teacher. His
Preceptor gave him the Pali name “Sukhakamo” which means “one full with happiness“

As being Venerabla Ajahn Chah’s nephew, he had a chance to be his disciple to study The Dhamma-Vinaya and meditation practice under his guidance at Wat Nong Pah Pong.
Following Venerabla Ajahn Chah‘s instruction, he also commonly engages in a practice know as “Tudong” in which wandering on barefoot through the countryside in search of  solitary retreat places in nature for developing meditation practice.

After more than ten years of traveling and practice, Luang Por Ganhah was invited to be the abbot of Wat Thepsuwannaram (later it’s changed to call Phrae Dhammaram). From that time onward, his  reputation has grown even greater, there are more than sixteen forest branch monasteries (including Wat Pah Pateeparam) and hundred of Bhikkhus in Luang Por Ganhah‘s lineage spread throughout Thailand at present.