Welcome to Wat Pah Pateeparam Website

The mission of Wat Pah Pateeparam is to train and preserve the Dhamma-Vinaya of Theravada Buddhism, the teachings and code of monastic discipline as laid down by the Buddha.


 The Purpose of this Website

This website is set up by Venerable Ajahn Gunhah Sukakamo’s disciples for providing an opportunity to the foreigners who are interested in Theravada Buddhism. Language communication problem will not be the obstacle for the foreigners who speak Chinese as main language since the abbot of this monastery is a Taiwanese who can speak both Thai and Chinese fluently.

Maybe someone is seeking for the Buddha’s path of strict renunciation lifestyle, by living close to nature in the forests, eating simple alms food and limiting possession. This forest monastery provides a calm atmosphere of silence and solitude that are suitable for Dhamma study and meditation practice. Far from the stress and busyness, a tranquil natural setting provides the perfect environment for developing inner peace and wisdom which is the real intention of Wat Pah Pateeparam. 

Welcome all international practitioners to study and gain knowledge from the Buddha’s Teachings in order to realize the inner truth and peace. Is it the right time to start now?